Best Garage Doors

Special Order & Custom Garage Door Materials – Repair


Aluminum: Inexpensive doors, which were once the most commonly used, have been replaced with sturdy version with heavy duty frames and dent resistant panels. Rust-proof and rugged, these are a great choice for those who are not as concerned with price.

Steel: Strong metal is a better choice for those who prefer the limited upkeep. Steel leads the pack in door materials because it is relatively inexpensive and quite strong. Steel dents, however, and when exposed is prone to rust, so scratches and nicks in the paint need touched up. High quality steel doors have lifetime warranties on the hardware, lamination, and factory paint.

Wood: Giving a certain authenticity other materials mimic, wood doors can be made locally in whatever size you need. With sturdier construction, they can withstand more damage than most other door types. The only downside to the beauty of a wooden door is the maintenance required. Painting and refinishing needs to be completed more often with wooden doors than others, especially in high moisture areas.


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