Garage Door Security Tips With Rite-A-Way

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If you’ve got an inside-opening garage door, you could be at risk of a security breach. Unwanted access and burglary are common in the United States. To prevent an issue like this from happening to you, an automatic garage door installation by Rite-A-Way garage could be your go-to. Improve your garage door security, by following […]

Invest in New Garage Door for Your Home

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Invest in New Garage Door for Your Home If you are searching for a way to fix up your home a bit, replacing the garage door is always a great place to begin. This is something many people overlook. However, replacing it will make a big difference in the appearance of a home. When choosing a […]

Broken Tension Springs or Cable

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Garage doors have tension springs and cables that help to slowly and safely lower your door while closing. If these tension springs or cables break, you might find that your garage door closes really fast, often with a loud bang when it hits the ground. This is very dangerous as there is nothing preventing the […]

Something is Wrong With Your Transmitter

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There could be a few issues that might be causing your transmitters not to work properly. The most common reason could be that you’re simply out of range of your garage door. Each garage door and transmitter combo has a specific range it will function in. If you’re trying to open your garage door before […]

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

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Your garage is so much more than just a garage door and a place to park your car or store items that dont fit in your house. In order to upgrade your garage, small steps are needed to be taken in order to upgrade it, slowly. Here are 5 things to add to your garage […]

The Track is Not Aligned Properly

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If your garage door track is out of alignment, it can be a serious issue. When your track is not aligned properly, our common garage problems turns into more of a nightmare. The metal track your door runs on needs to be aligned properly in order for your door to move. If you see gaps […]

Advantages of Purchasing Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

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The traditional way of using a garage has changed somewhat in recent years. Today, replacing the garage door can completely transform the perspective of one’s garage, thus bringing undeniable advantages to its owner. Liftmaster Garage Door Openers, one of the leading manufacturers of garage doors in the USA, points out a few good reasons to […]

The Transmitter Batteries Are Dead

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This may sound obvious, but your garage door transmitters need power to work. If the batteries in your transmitter are dead, the transmitter won’t be able to send a signal to your garage door to open. Changing your transmitter batteries is a common problem, and an easy fix. How To Change Your Transmitter Batteries First, […]

Building a New Garage

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Build A New Garage, with Rite-A-Way When it comes to building any large scale building project, a lot of factors affect the final product and total cost. A garage is no exception; when building a new garage, you’re going to want top of the line hardware inside your garage. While garage construction varies depending on […]

Something Is Blocking The Door Path

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As mentioned mentioned before, garage doors are designed with a reversing mechanism that prevents them from crushing objects in their path. If you find that your garage door closes part way and then goes back up, this can be triggered by objects on the ground blocking their path such as garbage cans or toys. It […]