Rite-A-Way Garage Door and Gates



More homes around the world have courts or courtyard which serve many purposes for the household. It is mostly an enclosed place. A courtyard gate is what welcomes you to the yard, and it is important if it is maintained at all times. This gate mostly creates an impression for any guests who are visiting the house hence the reason why it should be in good condition at all times.

People make these gates using different materials ranging from hardwood, softwood, iron and metal rods and others. Most of the designs for these driveway gates are usually a 50/50 split in the middle, but on few occasion, you will find one maximum size gate and a minimum gate.

Whatever designs used to make, there are many moving parts and some may face a strain more than others. There are courtyard gates that are automated and have a heavy bottom rail that needs to be maintained to ensure it works well.

The repairs of these gates depend on whether it is an electric gate or an iron gate. It will determine the complexity of the repair.

The automatic gates have more complex repair options. This is because these gates include options such as keyless entry, a system that detects the vehicles, wiring, hydraulics and many other systems that are computer controlled.


All gates need repair service done to it no matter what type it is. These gates are always moving since it is the main entrance to the compound.

It faces a lot of wear and tear as a result of this. It is necessary to check on these signs to know that your gates need repairs:

1. The gate is sagging on one side.
2. Some screeching and grinding sounds every time the gate is in motion when opening or closing.
3. When the 50/50 gates seem misaligned and do not meet up well in the middle.
4. When the gate is not closing completely: It is where you find that there is a gap that remains between the gate and the wall, fence or the pole that supports the gate.
5. In the case of the automatic or the electrically controlled gate, it fails to respond at all when you try to open or close the gate. Otherwise, it can also take so long to respond to the operation that it is expected to do.
6. The sensors are not working well. Like when they do not halt in case, there is motion detected between the gates or not identifying the right vehicle to open the gate automatically.
7. When the gate swings open every time you are trying to close it.




These are just a few of the signs of a faulty courtyard gate that you can detect and call a professional.

It is essential to get someone who can do the repairs well and use the right tool for work. Automatic gates need the software checked, and a thorough inspection is done to the gate and the sensors replaced.

The manual gates can be greased to reduce the friction that causes the noise. The technician can replace the worn-out parts such as the hinges and handles.

It is essential to keep inspecting your gate to ensure that it is working well, and it is vital to avoid embarrassments by calling a professional repairing company. They will do a great job as well as something that will be durable.