Rite-A-Way Garage Door and Gates



Do you have an RV gate which needs some fixing? Or do you have one and need to look out to know if it about time you got a gate service company like ours? These gates are usually entirely enclosed in a way that you cannot see the inside of the compound from the outside or very little space on top. RV gates are made using materials such as wood, bamboo, and metal.

Most of them are made using straightforward designs that mostly involve horizontal or vertical sheets of metal or pieces of wood or bamboo. The main decoration is put at the top of the gate just to add some style to the gate. The wooden ones are usually applied vanish to make them shiny and more vibrant to look at. It is reinforced using metal rods to make the gate stronger and as a way of style.

These gates can either be automatic or manual gates. The automatic or computer-controlled gates are a bit more complicated and more expensive to built as compared to the manual ones. When a gate is constructed using a well-trained contactor, it can last for long without repair. However, both of these gates need to be continuously checked and maintained in case they need any repairs.

Here are some of the signs that show that your RV gate needs some servicing and some repair:

1. There is a gap between the gates, and one can see inside. It occurs when some of the metal that is used to support the gate is not in the right position or some other mechanical problem. This problem needs to be fixed since the purpose of the gate is not met.
2. When the sensors are not working well for the sake of the automatic gates. The gate takes so long to respond to the action of opening and closing or sometimes failing to do it at all. For those with vehicle detectors, when faulty they are not able to detect the right vehicle.
3. When one of the wooden pieces are missing, and there is some gap between the parts. It can occur maybe from an accident that causes it to break or in the case where the contractor has not installed well which causes it to get off.
4. When one gate is bending on one side.
5. When the gate makes some screeching sounds when it is being opened or closed. It can be as a result of friction on the hinges or in the case of the slider when the rail is not well put.
6. Some bending rods and metal in the case of the metallic gates.



The repair options of RV gates highly depend on the kind of gate it is and the material that is used in the making of the gate.

Each of these problems can be repaired well by a professional who understands gates very well.

We can fix these and many other defaults that these gates may have including the automatic gates which may need the software checked.

The rest may involve changing some parts like the locks and hinges, greasing the moving parts, redoing the varnish and paint on the wood among many others.