Rite-A-Way Garage Door and Gates


Custom Gates Repair


Is your gate damaged? Is the transmitter not responding? Do you want to install a new gate? Wondering who to call on all these? Call Rite-A-Way garage for all of your repairs. Our company has well trained and skilled workforce to offer you with top quality services as well as the products. Our technicians are on call 24/7 to help you tackle any gate repair. Our prices for repair are friendly.

Custom gates come in a variety of designs. Custom gates are made from different materials and styles depending on the customer specifications. It can be iron gates, Steel gates, Wooden gates and other unique gate types. You don’t want to give any company to do your repair. At Rite-A-Way garage you are sure to get the best, our team will provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that the gate is well repaired and operational.

Gate is one of the key security features in the house. At Rite-A-Way garage when repairing the gate, we keep this in mind and will not spoil your beautiful custom gate.

Automation of your gate is essential, image getting out of your car at night in cold raining to open the gate. At times the gate might take long to respond to remote action to either open or close.

There are a number of things that can make it hard for you to open like the problem with the motor, the sensors are not responding well, the gate is not receiving enough power, the transmitter is not working well, and the rollers are making noise when you are opening.

It is apparently hard to tell the problem by observation. At Rite-A-Way we have experts in this and will ensure that your gate is working correctly. You don’t need to worry about time as our services are 24/7.



All gates need repair and maintenance. It is right to keep on checking for defects and calling a gate garage company to service it as this will save you a lot of costly unexpected emergencies. At Rite-A-Way we offer this service at a friendly price.

Our company offers same day service. We do replace tracks, rollers, broken extension and springs. All these can be replaced with a new one or a newer model. The rite-a-way garage can also replace sections of your gate according to your specifications.

If your gate has wear and tear, you will be forced to change the parts. Rite-A-Way can repair this with some more customized styles to fit the customers need.

Majority of the customs gates in the commercial building come with intercom. If there is a problem with the intercom, the tenant will not be able to communicate with there visitors. It has a significant impact on security. You need to call for a technician to get it fixed. We (Rite-A-Way garage) can get it fixed any time of the day and night. Our team of well trained and skilled workforce has the necessary know-how to solve any issue arising from the gates malfunctioning.

Rite-A-Way has a strong track record in repairs of custom gates. With us, you are guaranteed of quality as well as excellent services from our experienced, trained and skilled technicians.