Types Of Garage Doors

Special Order & Custom Garage Door Types – Repair


Swing Doors: Swing garage doors have two doors on hinges which swing outward when activated. These doors are best for mild climates because snow drifts can cause stalling and prevent them from opening.

Sliding Doors: Sliding garage doors are much like the swing doors. Hanging from rollers that slide along a track, two separate doors slide in opposite directions to open. These doors are easy to operate in all kinds of weather, however, they are the least weathertight option.

Bifold Doors: Bifold garage doors are similar to those in your closet. Pairs of hinged vertical sections fold back against the opening. They aren’t as heavy as swing-out doors, but they have the same issue with snow build up which can prevent them from opening. They must be manually operated, too.

French Doors: French garage doors are an amazing and creative way to add a certain elegance to your home. From the street, you see a set of doors with the knobs and framework, but instead of them swinging out or open, it rolls up in the conventional manner.


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