Worn Garage Door Springs & Parts
Broken Garage Door Spring

The best way to keep your door working right and avoid expensive repairs is to inspect and troubleshoot any issues on a regular basis. Routine maintenance is something the majority of DIY homeowners can do on their own, but before you know what to do you have to know what to look for: worn parts and materials that could be detrimental to the operation of the garage door itself and the opener.


Most garage doors require big, thick springs in order to operate properly. These springs can be mounted above or alongside the roller track on either side. Visual inspection of these springs can show evident signs of wear. If the springs are squeaky when the door is opened and closed, you can apply a light lubricant. If the spring continues to squeak or if the spring looks worn, call a professional to come inspect it. Messing with the springs without proper training can be very dangerous.


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