Broken Garage Door Cables & Brackets Repair

The best way to keep your door working right and avoid expensive repairs is to inspect and troubleshoot any issues on a regular basis. Routine maintenance is something the majority of DIY homeowners can do on their own, but before you know what to do you have to know what to look for: worn parts and materials that could be detrimental to the operation of the garage door itself and the opener.


Cables which connect the springs to the bottom of the door on each side can become frayed and worn. You should have a professional come inspect the cables if they look as though they need replaced. If these snap, they can cause injury.

The cables are connected to brackets on either side of the garage door. These brackets, much like the cables and springs, are under an immense amount of tension. Visually inspect each on to confirm it is firmly attached to the door. If it is not, contact a professional. Do not attempt to loosen or adjust these brackets on your own. Newer doors are equipped with tamper proof brackets which prevent non-professionals from adjusting them.


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