Garage Door Roller
Garage Door Track Repair

Garage door tracks have a simple function: guide the rollers when the door is being raised and lowered. When the tracks and rollers are both in good shape, the door moves smoothly and quietly. When the tracks and rollers become worn due to age or damage, the door may become loud and difficult to operate.


Garage door tracks are available in a number of different sizes which are determined by the size of the doors. The majority of residential tracks are 2 inches wide, however, tracks on older doors tend to be heavier and thicker than those on the newer doors. Newer doors are much lighter than the old ones used to be. A typical garage door track is actually composed of two or three parts on each side of the door. A vertical track runs straight up from the floor. This part attaches to the curved track that shifts the door from a vertical to a horizontal path. Sometimes the curved section connects with another horizontal section. Other types of track have the curved section integrated with the horizontal section.

Rollers for the garage door look a lot like a metal rod with either a plastic, nylon, or steel wheel at the end which follows the track. Some steel options contain ball bearings, which need oiled annually and tend to make more noise than the non-bearing rollers.


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