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Garage Door Security Tips With Rite-A-Way

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Garage Door Security Tips With Rite-A-Way

If you’ve got an inside-opening garage door, you could be at risk of a security breach. Unwanted access and burglary are common in the United States. To prevent an issue like this from happening to you, an automatic garage door installation by Rite-A-Way garage could be your go-to. Improve your garage door security, by following some of these easy steps from the Rite-A-Way experts:

  1. Secure the emergency release hatch or emergency release mechanism on your garage door. It should be located somewhere on the top, center, or side of your door. This will allow no manual operation in the case of a break-in.
  2. Don’t leave your garage door opener in your vehicle overnight. Often times, burglars and other hoodlums will attempt to break into your vehicle so they can access your expensive items within your garage. Be one step ahead of the bad guys!
  3. LOCK the heaviest door opening to your home. Locks are extremely beneficial to increasing your garage door security, as they will provide an additional layer of security.
  4. Ensure your door is sturdy. A strong, durable, long-life door will prevent anyone from kicking your door in, or damaging your door. Common strong door materials include timber, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  5. Allow your garage door to close all the way before leaving your home, or heading inside. Sometimes, if you’ve got an older garage door transmitter, the door will not close all the way. If you’re leaving your garage door open all day, you’re basically sending a heartwarming invite to burglars to easily access your garage and your home.
  6. Make sure you’ve got some sort of vision-bearing peephole between your garage and your home. For instance, if you’ve got a laundry room in between your garage and the rest of your home, you may want to install a large-pane window in the top-center of the door. This will allow you to gain an extra level of defense if you happen to hear a noise in your garage at night.
  7. Cover the windows of your garage with blinds, or sheets. This will provide an aesthetic layer of security, disallowing any burglars to look inside to view any valuables.
  8. Step it up: Install a security camera. When it comes to garage door security, you can never have too much. Applying a motion activated light in addition to a security camera will surely shoo-away any unwanted visitors.

There you have it. These are just some of the tips we’ve developed to increase the security around your home, and to increase your garage door security. Act fast, ensure you’ve got multiple levels and layers of security, and you won’t have to be shaming yourself for when someone steals that sweet new ATV you got for your birthday.
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