Garage Door Cable & Track Repair

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Fix Garage Door Tracks & Cable

Are you facing problems while trying to open or close your garage door? Does the door look out of balance and tends to come off the tracks when you try to use it?

Well, it is quite probable that a cable has snapped, thus affecting the way your garage door works. This is, indeed, a very precarious situation for you as the door can totally come off the tracks at any time and cause a disaster and severe injuries.

But worry not as Rite-A-Way services is here to help you. If you located in Mesa, Arizona and are looking for garage door cable & track repair, then your search ends here.

Looking For Garage Door Cable & Track Repair?

At Rite-A-Way, we repair and replace all types of garage door cables and tracks, be it industrial or residential. We are experts in the domain and every project that we take up is completed with 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Our Services

A family-owned local business, Rite-A-Way promises to assist you in a number of ways when it comes to repairing garage door tracks and cables.

We repair:

  • Broken and loose cables
  • Cables that may have been dislocated from the drum
  • Garage door tracks that have been bent or broken
  • Garage doors that may have come off the track

Not only that, in case your garage door tracks and cables have been damaged beyond the point of repair, we also offer installation services of new, high-quality tracks and cables, so that you can be saved from the impending danger of malfunctioning garage doors.

As a one-stop solution for various garage door needs, we not only offer Garage Door Cable & Track Repair, but also offer regular maintenance service.

Our experts carry out regular maintenance of your garage doors and its various parts, annually or bi-annually, to ensure that everything is in good condition and there are no possible chances of a danger caused by broken cables or tracks.

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Why Is Garage Door Cable & Track Repair Important?

Garage doors come with two supporting cables so that even when one cable snaps, the garage door doesn’t immediately come loose or fall down. But most people mistakenly think that the door can be conveniently used even when there is only one good cable. But that is actually a very dangerous mistake.

Garage doors are usually quite heavy and if they are continuously used, even when one cable has broken, it is quite possible that the other cable would snap very quickly due to overload and this may cause an accident. Anyone may get hit by the falling door and can get seriously hurt.

Not only is it important that you repair or replace broken cables immediately, it is also essential that damaged tracks are repaired at the earliest possible. When tracks are broken or bent, the garage doors wouldn’t move smoothly and you may get hurt while trying to open or close it.

So, irrespective of the type of problem that you are having, give a call to Rite-A-Way and let our experts handle the job.